Friday, 19 June 2020

A tip for teachers with ESOL students

A follow on from my previous post about online recorder and recording audio is how teachers could use this with ESOL students.
I was working with a teacher who had a new student who speaks Arabic and very little English and she wants him to learn the high frequency words.
I suggested that she open Online Recorder and Google Translate at the same time.
Type in the word 'look' and choose Arabic for the translation.

Then go to Online Recorder and press the red start button

Go back to Google Translate and click on the translation recording speaker icon a couple of times. Go back to Online Recorder and stop the recording. Trim the ends so that there is no 'dead space'. Click on Save and then upload to Google Drive. Right click on the sound file and rename and then right click again on Get Shareable link to change the file to Anyone with the link

Go to your Google Slide and click on Insert - Audio, double click on file and place on the Google Slide. Test it out in the example below.