Monday, 27 July 2009

Walking the Talk: Day One 'Computer Lab'

For the next nine weeks I am teaching one day a week in a school in South Auckland. I am working with 4 different Year 6 classes running lab sessions. I have started a Year 6 wiki for them and the main concentration is going to be on the children's writing and publishing.
Day One
Introduction of me and my expectations for the next nine weeks.
What are the rules?

Look at our Wikipage.

Practice our typing.

Play a Spelling game or Typing game.
Find a Recount we have already typed into Pages.

Make a Wordle of it. The students had to learn lots of skills for this activity, how to move between Pages and an Internet Page, keyboard shortcut keys such as Command-A to select all, Command-C to copy, Command-V to paste.
They also had to learn how to do a screen capture to save to the desktop, Shift-Command-4. They took a screen capture of their Wordle and uploaded into their Wikipage,

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