Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Student Digital Toolkit

It is becoming more apparent as teachers and students get more familiar with the online  digital tools and devices that there needs to be some management of these. Some teachers still get tied up with the old adage that all the students in the class has to 'produce a product at the end using this tool'.
It doesn't have to be so...I encourage teachers to have a 'Teacher Digital Toolkit'
This is an example of a basic one
For more teacher tools go to this website.

Students need a Digital Toolkit as well. I am working on 2 different websites at the moment, one is called
 Publishing Ideas
  • ways to publish using online and offline tools
  • variety of ways to publish i.e cartoons and comics

and the other is called Web 2 tools and Widgets
  • tools and widgets that will enhance your blog or wiki
  • photo presentation tools
Set up a student toolkit so that students know what is available and what they can use. In consultation with you, you both can decide what is the best tool for their learning.
The  following could be an example of a Student Digital Toolkit


Dave B said...

Nice ... I like the way you have included a tool for "curation" as this is one area where teachers (talking about myself now), could do more of with their students, as it is an important element in the process of nuturing self-directed learners.

austinhduggan said...

Very interesting! Although my students would also include Nearpod in this list. We are using this app in our classes and having lots of fun with its interactive activities! if you're interested here's the link: Hope this has helped! Austin Duggan