Monday, 8 June 2009

Computer Labs ' What can I do?'

I had a teacher say to me that they wanted to make their lab lessons more interesting as they seemed to be doing the same thing every time. Lab lessons are a perfect time to extend into your classroom teaching! I asked her what subjects were they missing out on in the lab time and some days she does Topic and others Reading. I suggested to her that she uses the lab time as her teaching time, do what she would normally do in that time in the classroom but turn it digital. We looked at what she is doing for her topic which is Mammals. She has a Year 3 class so she wants to be able to guide them to suitable websites. I showed her how to create an Interactive Learning Centre in PowerPoint and pointed out how to make the visiting of the websites more meaningful with creating a purpose for going to them. At the same time, the students will be learning more keyboarding, internet and PowerPoint skills.
Here is an example of a PowerPoint 'Mammals' Learning Centre. This can be downloaded and adapted for different year levels.


Moturoa said...

To make an learning foccussed powerpoint I have made a few Slam Dunks

China Heritage Slam Dunk

To put it together first time round I downloaded someone's else's through advanced Google Search and change the text but left the page hyperlinking the same to save time.

Jacqui Sharp said...

Hi Allanah, thanks for the comment but your link goes to your slideshare account and I can't find your China Heritage Slam Dunk!