Thursday, 19 February 2009

Key Competency 'Managing Self' and PowerPoint

I was working with Karuna and his main goal is to have the children in his class use the digital cameras more and to add the photos to PowerPoint. He has decided to integrate this into the 'Managing Self' Key Competency.
His students are going to take photos of each other doing the usual things they do in class and outside the classroom. They will then insert a photo into each slide of a PowerPoint with the success criteria for each specific competency.
When the students have finished typing in their criteria and inserted their photos then they will print it out in 3 slide view.
This can then be displayed and students can 'mark off' each criteria as they achieve it stating how they accomplished it.

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dragonsinger57 said...

Great idea ... I'm looking for great ideas to do with my kids that can be used at their age level (6-9) - this is easily adaptable.