Saturday, 16 October 2010

Inspiration and IWBs

These activities can be used independently or...

Factor Product
Match the

...screen capture parts of them and add to IWB notebook software and turn into teaching activities.

Have several pages of the same activity, so that you can start the children off on it and then leave them to continue. You will be able to keep an eye on what the children are doing by watching the projector. Students could be recording in their exercise books as well.

 Adding up to a mimio example
 Adding up to 100.notebookSmartboard example
 Adding up to 100.flipchartActivinspire example

Thursday, 14 October 2010

How to record in mimio

Click on mimio Recorder in drop down panel in your notification bar
or click on mimio recorder in the Applications button

Click on the Red record button to start

Start writing on the mimio page. When you have finished writing/speaking click on the recorder icon in the system tray 
Click the Stop button and press the Play button to view the recording. It will open as a movie. When you close recorder, it will ask you if you want to save and it will save as a movie file.
To insert the movie drag onto the mimio page or go to File - Import. Right click on the movie and select Lock. Press the Play button to see your movie.

How could you use this tool?
Record yourself forming letters correctly. Children can practice their letters using the mimio pen and watching the formation of the letters at the same time.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Creating Math Activities

Tania wanted to know how to create clock math activities in Inspiration today. In 10 minutes she had made 2 activities that children are going to be using independently and in groups using the mimio.
Step 1: Google 'Blank Clock Faces'. Click on Line Drawing in the side panel options
Step 2: Drag the clock face of your choice onto the Kidspiration or Inspiration page
Step 3: Draw the lines by clicking on the line tool on the toolbar
Step 4: Change the lines into arrows by going to Link - Arrow Direction
Step 5: Add a text box below the clock
Step 6: Click and drag around the whole clock picture and text box, press Ctrl or Command C and paste on another part of the page, repeat until you have covered the page. Save your activity as a template.

Use the same template to create other activities.
The same activities can be created in IWB notebook software as well. Do a search for clock and you will find a clock face, hands and digital display.
mimio, Smart notebook, Activinspire

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Google Calendar widget in blogs

Saw this great idea on Sarah's blog, adding a Google Calendar widget to the side panel in a blog.

Go to your Google Calendar

1. Click on the drop down arrow next to your calendar
2. Click on Share this Calendar

3. Click on Calendar Details
4. Scroll down to Embed this Calendar and click on Customise the colour, size and other options

5. Deselect Print icon, Tabs, Calendar List and Time Zone

6. Click on Agenda

7. Change the width to 250 pixels
8. Change the height to 400 pixels

9. Change the 'Week starts on' to Monday
10. Copy the code
11. Go to your blog, click on Design, click on Add a Gadget
12. Choose the HTML/Java Script, paste code, click OK
13. Move the new gadget to somewhere in your side panel

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Webcams and Kids

With the latest of rollouts of laptops a lot of them have webcams built into them and I am amazed at how many teachers do not realise that they are there! (Apples have had them forever!) This is a valuable resource that you can use with your children.

  • read your story to the camera, turn your book around to show the picture (upload movie to wiki or blog)
  • take a photo of your art masterpiece (print out or post on wiki or blog)
  • read/act a play (place the laptop somewhere where it can see a large area, record your play, edit in Moviemaker or iMovie
  • create your avatar (use the photo editing features of your camera to add effects)
  • record your speech and watch it back (critique and make some improvements)
  • Skype or iChat with students in other classrooms
  • Skype or iChat with invited guests and ask prepared questions
  • take your laptop for a walk and show your viewer what you are seeing
  • record a newscast for podcasts