Thursday, 7 October 2010

Webcams and Kids

With the latest of rollouts of laptops a lot of them have webcams built into them and I am amazed at how many teachers do not realise that they are there! (Apples have had them forever!) This is a valuable resource that you can use with your children.

  • read your story to the camera, turn your book around to show the picture (upload movie to wiki or blog)
  • take a photo of your art masterpiece (print out or post on wiki or blog)
  • read/act a play (place the laptop somewhere where it can see a large area, record your play, edit in Moviemaker or iMovie
  • create your avatar (use the photo editing features of your camera to add effects)
  • record your speech and watch it back (critique and make some improvements)
  • Skype or iChat with students in other classrooms
  • Skype or iChat with invited guests and ask prepared questions
  • take your laptop for a walk and show your viewer what you are seeing
  • record a newscast for podcasts

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