Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Creating Math Activities

Tania wanted to know how to create clock math activities in Inspiration today. In 10 minutes she had made 2 activities that children are going to be using independently and in groups using the mimio.
Step 1: Google 'Blank Clock Faces'. Click on Line Drawing in the side panel options
Step 2: Drag the clock face of your choice onto the Kidspiration or Inspiration page
Step 3: Draw the lines by clicking on the line tool on the toolbar
Step 4: Change the lines into arrows by going to Link - Arrow Direction
Step 5: Add a text box below the clock
Step 6: Click and drag around the whole clock picture and text box, press Ctrl or Command C and paste on another part of the page, repeat until you have covered the page. Save your activity as a template.

Use the same template to create other activities.
The same activities can be created in IWB notebook software as well. Do a search for clock and you will find a clock face, hands and digital display.
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Hi Jacqui,

Thanks for sharing how to make a clock in Inspiration! I thought this post was great and have tweeted it so that others may see.

Also, thanks for your comment on our October Inspired Calendar! Dictionary Day is coming up soon!

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