Thursday, 3 March 2011

Keyboarding we need to teach them?

I am hearing the same old story at all my schools and I am seeing it myself as I wander around the classrooms. Teachers are complaining about the slowness of students typing on the computer. I am astounded that I still see Year 6 children typing with one finger while they rest their head on their other hand! we need to teach typing skills?
Yes we do! They do not gain keyboarding skills by 'osmosis'.

But it doesn't have to be a new subject that has to be taught, it can be integrated into what you are already doing in the classroom.
One method I use is to print out a keyboard for each child, stick it in the back of Spelling book, practice your spelling words by typing them...
...or in the back of a Handwriting book, practice your Home Keys before you start your Handwriting.

Plain Windows Keyboard
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Make up a learning centre with laminated coloured keyboards
Colour Win Keyboard
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and bag these activities for use in Options, tumbles or Wet Day activities
Typing Practice Cards 64
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Part of your observations, working with and walking around should involve you always encouraging students to

"thumbs only on the space bar"
"Pinkies only on the shift and delete key"
"always rest your fingers on the Home Keys"
"don't cross over the Magic Line"
You can also teach keyboarding skills while modelling writing.

For Mac versions of Keyboards and more keyboarding ideas and resources go to my Keyboarding wiki page. 


Teacher Trainee said...

I remember using a typing programme called Mavis Beacon to learn to type. Basically it was a computer game where your car went faster, the faster and more accurately you typed.

Sandy Millin said...

I also used Mavis Beacon to learn to touchtype, then used MSN messenger with my friends all the time, which really upped my speed!
These are great ideas, and I'm going to bookmark them for future use.