Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Five things I would want my teacher to know about me

Shaun Wood sent me this challenge which was first started by Allanah King. It is a worthwhile challenge to do with our students because it will make them think about how they learn

5 things I would want my teacher to know about me
  1. I like art, I am visual... if you talk at me you will see me doodling in my books
  2. I can listen to you and do other things at the same time
  3. I don't like to sit for long periods of time, I need to move and I do fidget
  4. If you are telling me something I already know then I will get bored and will look for something else to do
  5. I like open challenges, pose a problem and let me choose how to solve it
 I challenge @dbeehre, @krivett1, @llaburn, @lindalehrke, @KseniaNZ to do this challenge


Kimberley Rivett said...

1. If I am looking bored, talking, spinning or generally appearing to be distracted, then I am actually totally listening to everything you say. I have to move while I learn.
2. If you can sell me with your passion for knowledge, then you own me as a learner. I will catch your enthusiasm and be gone...
3. I am tactile and visual, but I am also verbal and interactive.
4. I work best when with others so I am expert collaborator. But I am also a natural leader so give me the opportunities!
5. Don't give me solutions, whatever you do...give me the problem!

Mrs Tauroa said...

1. I can not listen for a long time. I need to move and do in order to learn.
2. I love to create so give me practical problems.
3. I'm a daydreamer and if I look like I'm in my own little world... then I probably am.
4. I learn best when the teacher is passionate about what they are teaching.
5. Don't ever talk down to me. You might be more knowledgable but we are both people and I only give respect to those who give it to me also.