Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Setting up blog Pages

I have helped a few teachers over the last few weeks to set up blogs through blogger.com
Blogger has the ability to add pages so you can jazz up your blog by adding some interactive games for your students.
Some of the ones I have been showing teachers are Embed Sudoku

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And another favourite of mine is uploading your photos to jigzone.com and making jigsaws out of them.

To add pages in Blogger, go to Design if you are on your blog and then to Pages (which is down the side) or if you are in your Dashboard go to Pages
  • click on New Page - Blank Page
  • Name your page
  • click on the HTML button and paste in the code of your chose game (Sudoku or Jigsaw) and click Publish
  • where is says 'Show Page as', choose Top Tabs, Save Arrangement and then go look at your blog.
To upload a photo to Jigzone, create an account if you don't already have one, click on New to Jigzone, click here 
To add a Photo
  • go to jigzone.com scroll down and click on Your Jigzone area at the bottom of the page
  • click on Add a Photo
  • click on Choose File
  • click Open
  • click Upload
  • then click on Embed/Link
  • change the Default Puzzle cut depending on what your students are capable of
  • scroll right down to the bottom of the page and copy the code above the last Jigsaw image
  • Paste on to your page once you have clicked the HTML button
Have a look at the tabs at the top of this blog, I have added the Pages 'Sudoku' and 'Jigsaws' as examples.

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