Friday, 8 May 2009

Audiobooks, Instructional Readers & Shared Books

There are lots of Audiobooks available for download online on iTunes, but rarely the one you want! Harry Potter books are available on the US iTunes site but not on our NZ iTunes (What's up with that?)
But if you have an iPod , a 5 way splitter
Belkin Rockstar
(NZ $20) and cheap headphones (NZ $2.99) then you can create absorbing reading activities for your students.

Record your voice in GarageBand (Mac) or Audacity (Win), upload to iTunes and download to your iPod.

Kids love the iPods and the headphones and this makes for a very 'q-u-i-e-t' activity!

More Ideas
  1. Do you know somebody who has an interesting, expressive voice, ask them to read for you and record them
  2. Record in theatre reading style where you have different voices reading the parts of the characters and narrator
  3. Junior teachers ask teachers of Senior children to get their students to record some of your instructional readers or shared books
  4. More able readers in the class can create audiobooks for less able students
  5. Keep a box of the books/Journals/Instructional readers that you have recorded so that children can choose their favourite story to listen to
Or what about when you can't get to every reading group, record the questions you would normally ask as part of the recording. Students can pause the iPod to look up or find the answers.


Moturoa said...

The splitter that I bought last week cost $29 but kids love using it.

I have been scouring iTunes for audio books and it never crossed my little brain that we would record our own as opposed to making a podcast.

Thanks for planting the seed of an idea.

Allanah K

Jacqui Sharp said...

It had been bugging me that I had told Shaun Wood about Audiobooks and that he had some trouble with them. And it also bugged me even more that I can not get any of the Harry Potter audio books so then I had an epiphany at 4am this morning...why not create your own? If you have a Mac you have the perfect machine ;-p

Angela said...

I've tried this, last week I downloaded a whole lot of stories from Story Nory and put them onto our class MP3 player (I have a basic mp3 player that I bought them off Trademe) they love it, it's their favourite reading contract activity. The Rockstar works great with any kind of mp3 player for those of us that aren't lucky enough to have an Ipod available.

I haven't tried the kids recording their own yet. Maybe next week with my student in the room I'll have time to give it a go :).

Jacqui Sharp said...

What a good idea to use Story Nory, I had forgotten that link!