Monday, 31 May 2010

Kids as Commentators

More and more students are being invited and given access to online discussions, forums and comments on blogs. This is wonderful, the classroom walls are open and children have the freedom to make observations and remarks on other student's posts.

Consequently, it is important for teachers to train children in the 'art' of commenting. There are several rules of netiquette they need to follow. They have to understand that this is an extension of the classroom walls and that rules that they follow in the classroom cross over to their behaviour in online environments.
Here is guide to start students off as online commentators. Use this as a springboard for talking about the type of comments we make, what are good questions and answers for forums and discussions, and most of all how this is a fun, engaging, collaborative extension of our learning.


Christina Markoulaki said...

Great slideshow Jacqui, thanks for sharing it! I've already embedded it in my students' page- take a look!

Ms F said...

Thanks for this super slideshow. I often get asked by teachers about how they can support their students to write appropriate and effective comments. This will be a great place to direct them!