Sunday, 8 July 2012

Add Facebook and Twitter Streams to Google Sites

Facebook Stream
For Facebook go to the Like Box page and paste in your Facebook URL

Click on Get Code
Click on iFrame
Highlight Code
Copy Code
Click OK

Go to Google Sites

Click on the Edit button

Click where the Facebook stream will go and click on the HTML button

Paste in code, click Update and then Save

Twitter Stream
For Twitter click where you would like the widget to appear
Go to Insert - More Gadgets
Scroll down and click on Twitter Widget
Click Select
Click on User Profile
Type in your User name
Click Ok
Click Save


Anonymous said...

I have tried a bunch of other things, and yours finally worked. Thank you so much!

Janette said...

I'm also keen to find a way to do this, have you had any response Jacqui?

Jacqui Sharp said...

No luck so far, but I will have another go at it in the New Year.