Monday, 17 March 2008

Comic Life and new students

Anne's children have been creating podcasts using Garageband. They have been turning their report writing into news broadcasts. New children to the class have introduced themselves by creating their own comic page in Comic Life. (Images and names have been altered!)


artichoke said...

Am loving the blog launch Jacqui -

Wonder if you have seen this real life use of Comic Life - to track real life process – on Auckland boat builder João Rivera’s Aotearoa blog - June 2007 posts.

Is easy to see the Comic Life applications for student’s as researchers – and for technology design process, procedural writing etc

Jacqui Sharp said...

Thanks for the thumbs up and the link (love Comic Life, so versatile,I have shown teachers many ways of using it as you say) This blog is meant to be 'grass roots'examples for teachers. Things that can be easily achieved in the classroom and is happening right now in their school. It also supposed to hopefully encourage teachers to ask each other 'how did you do that?' or could you show me more etc.

artichoke said...

I have alerted our cluster teachers at the SustainED cluster blog and will share it with our other cluster schools in the hope that we might build conversations across clusters in the future