Thursday, 27 March 2008

Youtube and downloading

Youtube is a great resource, but not always the best one to show in front of students. This is because people can post inappropriate comments or the side panel might show other examples of movies that are supposed to be similar to what you are watching but in reality might be a little bit suspect! Therefore it is a good idea to download the movies you want and store them on your own hardrive.
So how do you do that?

Windows Users.
There is a very handy application called youtube downloader

Download this application, double click to install it

Copy the URL from the youtube video page

Paste it into the youtube downloader window
Click Ok and the movie will download to your desktop. (You may need to play around with the Convert to settings to find out which is the best conversion for you)

Mac Users
Copy the URL from the youtube video page
Go to and paste the URL in the box
From the pull-down menu, select "MP4 for iPod" (this is a both efficient and compatible video format)
Click 'start', and wait for it to convert and download
When it is downloaded, drag'n'drop the file into the iTunes application or play it through QuickTime Player

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Marnie Thomas said...

That is very handy information Jacqui - I have been thinking I need to learn to do that for awhile as I am using You Tube alot to do research with my class. Thanks once again!