Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Hot Potatoes

I worked with several teachers today designing activities using 'Hot Potatoes' software. Hot Potatoes is free downloadable package. It is not fully functioning until you register the software and you will need to provide a school email address.

The main focus in this school is developing Cloze activities.

Click on JClose. Type in the text as it appears in the book. Highlight the focus word and click on Gap. Add a clue or leave it blank. When finished click on Save. To see the activity as a webpage click on the Export button . Save the file and then open it by clicking View the exercise in my browser

When the webpage opens you will need to teach the children to activate the page by clicking on
Select Add Blocked Content Click Yes.
Students click in the text boxes and type the answer. Click on the question marks for clues or click on the Hint button for the first letter of the answer. When they have finished all of the boxes the software will calculate the total of correct answers.

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