Thursday, 16 October 2008

Keyboarding, projectors and PowerPoint

This is a PowerPoint slideshow that has different keyboard letters on each page. The first day you introduce this you would look at the home keys. Students will need to practice those for a couple of weeks. Once they have mastered the home keys then I would start introducing one letter at a time. Depending on how well the children have mastered the letter will decide when the next letter will be taught. These are drills that can be practiced when students come to the computer lab.

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Aunt Lee said...

Keyboarding is an important skill for children -- that's why I created a website with typing games for my after-school group to use.

Over the years it's grown and now has over 60 typing games! And I just added a page of timed typing games and tests.

It's a kid-safe site -- I work hard to ensure that when links go to outside pages, those pages don't have inappropriate ads or links to non-educational games, and I update the site regularly.

Also, for Halloween, I've put up Halloween activities and downloadable lesson plans:

There's math, reading, puzzle, and art games -- all fun, and all safe. I make every effort to ensure that the site is kid-safe.
There's a separate section of just-for-fun Halloween games -- so that you control whether the kids are playing educational or arcade games:

All the just-for-fun games are hosted on my site -- if you can see the red/orange background, the student is on my site, where there are only fun, kid-safe games.