Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Reverse Key

Tony Ryan's 'Reverse Key' uses words such as cannot, never and would not e.g. list things you would never/cannot,would not see.
When you are planning a unit, include a Reverse key

  • Healthy food Unit: Name 10 things you would not put on a sandwich?
  • Earthquake: What are some of the things you cannot do in an earthquake?
  • Zoo: Name 10 zoo animals that cannot live in your house
  • Weather: what are 6 things you would not do in a storm
Or use this key as a reading activity
  • Charlotte's Web: List 10 things Charlotte would never do?
  • Where the Wild Things are: List 6 things that the Wild Things would not do?
  • Fairytales: What 5 things could Snow White/Cinderella/ Rapunzel never do?
These answers could be completed as a collaborative group activity, adding ideas to a mindmapping diagram (such as as Kidspiration or Inspiration, or online mindmapping software such as .

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