Friday, 7 November 2008

The 'What if?' key

This must be one of the most versatile 'Thinkers' key. This question can be asked in any topic or curriculum area

What if we changed the operation from + to x?

What if we added an oval shape to our angular tessellation?

What if statements challenging or offering a different path to the way the story went

Argument Writing:
After writing the supporting points and examples, challenge these statements with What if questions.

Topic Studies:
The What if Thinker key should be used extensively in Topic Studies as it leads the learner into challenging situations.


Mr Lietze said...

Hi Jacqui

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Just found it and decided to share it. I hope you don't mind but I have written a blog post on it. See


P.S - if there is anything I have got wrong please let me know.

Jacqui Sharp said...

Hi Jamin, thanks for the kind comments. They were spot on, this blog is supposed to be a practical, grass roots resource for teachers. I have several others you might be interested in particularly my Web2.0 and Education and my Course support blog I have been reading your blog as well over the last few weeks and it is great.