Saturday, 7 March 2009

How to create interactive learning centres in PowerPoint

Justine has great examples of Interactive Learning Centres (Digital Learning Centres) that she has created on her wiki


Justine said...

Hi Jacqui,
I have been using PowerPoint in this way since 2004 and have created several generic ones that you might like to show as examples and I also have created a whole reading programme for new readers based on this process too (not to mention my Te Reo Digital Learning Centre).
It is so easy for the kids, as a reference you may like to share my wiki - where these can all be down loaded and ready for use to get teachers started before they personalise & make them for their students
Thanks for showing how 2 do it with your slide share - I like the screenshot idea

Jacqui Sharp said...

Hi Justine
Your wiki looks great, I will certainly add a link