Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Walking the Talk Day Six

Another great day with some excellent students. Maths is an interesting challenge as the students are streamed throughout the school so you have students coming from year 4 to 6. This is a particularly good bunch, very articulate and clued up! So I have a large group of students moving into the classroom every morning. They understand the routines well (even when I change them at the last minute). The whole idea of the maths organisation was for the students to be 'self managing', which they are but only with the things they really want to do, so I have had to inject a little more teacher direction. Now when they come in they have to do the 'Class Activity'. Once that is completed, students come up and use the mimio pen to write the answers, explaining as they go how they got that answer. The rest of the class has to agree with the answer, if not there is more discussion. Anybody who gets any of the answers wrong have to stay for the 'Workshop'. The students run the workshop that I have prepared.

I'm listening as I work with other students and jump in when I need to.

If I see that a child understands then I send them off to complete their other tasks.

In this example the child is using the 'Wii' to access games that have been saved to the 'Wii's' Favourites list.

There is the class Delicious page that their classroom teacher has set up and I have added to it. The students know that they can go into this to access the websites I think that have the appropriate games and quizzes for them.

Some of the students have started on their Google Sketch up and Lego Digital Design assessment tasks where they have to design a technological classroom annotated with measurements showing perimeter, area and volume.

More on Research Topic
I will post later on the research topic as there is so much to cover but here are some photos of students at the searching for information using keywords stage!
This group were thrilled as they found the answer to their question as to 'Why the Internet was invented?'
These two worked well together using the iPhone!
Some kids like to work on their own, this one is using the iTouch and listening to music at the same time!These two used the wireless internet feature on the Wii to find their information.

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