Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Walking the talk: Day three

The children are settling into their routines well. The early morning task went well with the timetabled students screen clipping the news headline, weather and this day in history. It was great to see other children helping the students if they were not sure of what they were doing.
We used the screen clippings later in the morning as the children who had collected them reported back to the class. We used the News Headline to highlight what keywords are, as this is a focus of our Research Unit.

Maths went well with more of the children starting to get the hang of organising themselves. There are still some children that need to be directed back to their assessment sheets. A few more internet problems happened but it all was going well by morning tea.
Writing time went smoothly with students going straight to their tasks once we had the teaching point of the day, which was conjunctions. We looked at conjunction game altogether. I used the mimio pad and that was passed around as students took turns at answering the questions 'with a little help from their friends'.

Everyday I like to show an example of excellent publishing, whether it is something that a child has done or a piece I have put together.
Today I demonstrated how you can turn an Inspiration framework into a published piece of writing.

Here is the Explanation framework, this is a piece I use for modelling.
I showed the class how you use the 'Transfer' button to transfer the writing into Word.

It appears with the Framework as a graphic and the text only also appears so that they can edit their work. It was really that 'just in time' learning as they learned how to highlight text, turn bullets off and use the decrease indent button to align the text to the right of the page.

Next I presented a finished exemplar reiterating my expectations of a high quality finish to their publishing.
I was very pleased with some of the work that was done after this teaching session!.

The Reading programme went very well with all children on task and doing a variety of activities from adding to their Chapter Title Assignment, Listening to Audiobooks via iPod, cloze activities using the mimio...or just reading!

Students decided on their Research Question today after a lot of drawing out of the previous knowledge they had attained, but more on that another day!

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