Friday, 13 August 2010

Space Technology Unit

The latest technology unit I have written is on Space. The focus of the unit is to understand that several models need to be made and tested before a prototype can be created.
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The Juniors are going to be making Origami spaceships and the Seniors will be creating spaceships according to their own specifications.

The Seniors will be looking at Richard Bransons 'Spaceship Two'

The seniors also have a PowerPoint with links to the websites and movies that will help them with their tasks.
The assessment for the Seniors is to itemise the steps that it has taken to get to the final design of Spaceship Two.

As an Extra...
These students worked on the Volcano eruptions last term so suggesting that they animate the orbiting of planets around the sun was not a difficult task for them to achieve. They were able to apply the same techniques they used with animating 'Erupting Volcanoes'.

Which of course lead to them wanting to animate spaceships.

Students can create their own 'Spaceships/Rockets' in Paint or Artrage. These are then animated in PowerPoint or Keynote.

We used Artrage to create backgrounds.

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Mr Wood said...

Jacqui, I love you blogs. I keep uncovering treasure like this space unit. I will be using your ideas nect term. Thank you once again.