Thursday, 30 August 2012

Turning your Print outs into Interactive Google Doc templates

I was working with Neil today who has a lot of Graphic Organisers, writing and reading templates that he prints out for his students. He wanted to know how he could 'recreate' them in Google Docs. When I looked at them most of them were in Word so could be uploaded straight to Google Docs and with a little tweaking make them more interactive.

He had also made some templates in Comic Life.
I suggested taking a 'screen capture' of these templates and paste into a Drawing box on Google Docs
Mac: Shift - Control - Command- 4 (click and drag around the part you want to copy)
Win: Open Snipping Tool (click and drag around the part you want to copy) click Copy
Go to your Google Doc
Go to Insert - Drawing
Ctrl- V or Command- V to paste
Tip: if it doesn't paste into the Drawing window, save and close and paste onto the Google Doc. Copy it again Ctrl - C or Command - C then go back into the Drawing Window and paste

 Students can then use the Drawing tools to add text boxes, change fonts, styles and colour, draw their own graphics in the Draw window or paste in graphics drawn in another programme.
This template is available in the Public Template Gallery if you search for 'Narrative Story Web'.

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