Monday, 11 June 2012

Reference Tool

This is an extremely useful tool for students, especially for those who get easily distracted when researching on Google.

This is best used when you need to
  1. look for websites
  2. look for pictures
  3. reference a website
While you are in a Google Doc go to Tools - Research. Type in a search term and the results will appear.
Click on the arrows to see the graphics, drag and drop the picture you want to use onto the page.
When you 'hover' your mouse over a web link, 3 buttons will appear.

Click on 'Preview' to see a preview of the website. This is useful because at a glance you can see what the website looks like i.e. lots or very little text, few or too many graphics. This will help influence student's decisions on whether to look at the website or not.
The 'Insert link'  will insert your search term hyperlinked to the website you are looking at.
The 'Cite' will insert a footnote with a full citation for the website.

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Dave said...

Wow! Great tip! Thanks for creating this blog.